Popular Activities

STEM Girl Summer

This event is held over the summer (a weekend sometime in June or July), incorporating hands-on activities from multiple areas of physics and discussions with women graduate students and professors on their path to science.
Contact: Robin Glefke

Big Sister STEM

Big Sister STEM is a team of volunteer undergraduate and graduate students from research universities such as UCSD, UCI, and UC Berkeley who are all pursuing careers in STEM. All of our volunteers are passionate about the mentorship and advancement of young women in STEM.
Contact: Megan Grace Li

Young Physicists Program

The UCSD Young Physicists Program (YPP) brings middle and high school students from across the San Diego region together with physics graduate students and professors from UCSD on Saturday morning each month to learn about fundamental topics in the quantifiable world via simplified collage-level laboratories and interactive demos.
Contact: Julio Barreiro

Tech Trek

Tech Trek is a science and math camp designed to develop interest, excitement, and self-confidence in young women who will enter eighth grade in the fall. It features hands-on activities in math, science, and related fields. All sleeping, eating, instructional, and recreational facilities are located on a university campus where camps are held.
Contact: Alison Coil

Do the Math

Do the Math is a blog started by physics professor Tom Murphy in July, 2011 that uses physics and estimation techniques to paint a picture of the challenges our society will face in coming decades as we transition away from fossil fuels. The effort was motivated by the UCSD Physics 12 class on Energy and the Environment, aiming—in part—to teach people how to use physics and quantitative analysis in everyday life.
Contact: Tom Murhpy

Cosmic Tours – Portable Planetarium

Cosmic Tours is an integrated education and outreach program to bring the Universe to you! The UCSD OIR lab maintains and facilitates the use of the portable planetarium for public shows for K-12 schools and other outreach events, as well as undergraduate curricula. A planetarium serves as a fantastic facility for interactive scientific visualization. Portable planetaria make use of an inflatable dome that includes an advanced projector. Our team currently offers a traditional astronomical experience of the night sky and offer pre-arranged visualization programs and full dome movies that are developed for children and adults.
Contact: Shelley Wright

Astronomy On Tap

Scientists, educators, writers, artists & more reveal how they explore the universe at a bar near you!
Contact: Nick Galitzki

Young Scientists Club

The Young Scientists Club is a science enrichment program for children in grades 1-6 held at Carmel Creek elementary. During the monthly club meetings, students and their parents participate in hands-on interactive activities that demonstrate key scientific concepts. The club is run by Ms. Tiffany Farnsworth (STREAM teacher at Carmel Creek) and Dr. Elena Koslover (physics professor at UCSD), with the aid of graduate students and postdocs from the UCSD physics department. It is funded as an outreach activity through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Worksheets for prior and upcoming activities can be found here.

Sign-up form for YSC can be found here.
Contact: Lena Koslover